A cabinet of auditory wonders for the 21st century.
The Death of Chicken Lips

This tape came from a thirft store in the desert. Written with purple marker on the label was "To Ray from Mike 2/3/93"

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They rarely tlak to the media.

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Papa's Birthday

A found tape from the south by way of the desert.

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Barbara & Dougie

All the answers to last weeks cliffhanger are revealed...

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The Diet

This tape was made by Paul a man in New Jersey to let his family know that he didn't want them to interfere with his plans to go on a diet he hoped would cure him of AIDS. Logan Jaffe found this tape at a yard sale in Gainesville Florida.

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An Autumn Adventure

A HUANTED Teddy Ruxpin Tape.

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Thoughts And Word 12/74

Listening to tapes on the roof with Matthew.

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Radio Avalon

Late one night I picked up a strange signal on my radio dial...

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Candy's Hair Affair

I found this recording in a box of old tapes. I think I picked it up at a thrift store in Louisiana. It appears to be role playing excercises at a beauty school.

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Where We're Going

I came across this piece of found tape today. I know nothing about it.

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