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Gainsborough Creek

Luke Cumberland is a second-year student in the MFA writing program at
Washington University.  He is editor of the anthology "Faces of
Virginia Poetry", available on LuLu.com. His most recent poetry has
been published on StatusHat.org. He is from Virginia; he lives in St.
Louis and he has never lost an arm wrestling match in his life.

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Candy's Hair Affair

I found this recording in a box of old tapes. I think I picked it up at a thrift store in Louisiana. It appears to be role playing excercises at a beauty school.

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Fifty Miles from Tonapah

Nason Smith's nonfiction has appeared on NPR: Hearing Voices and his fiction has been published in The Pinch. He lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Robot Compliments

Welcome to Florida. You look great!

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Cold Cold Wine Coolers

One of the great things about New Orleans is that you can set up a card table and sell booze in the street. This is what it sounds like.

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This Bike is a Pipe Bomb

My friend Keaton was having some trouble working on a tandem bicycle at the bike shop he works at when a customer recommended a solution he found on the internet.

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Film maker Karim El Hakim told this story at a live storytelling event at the True/False Film Festival.

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