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Lewis Greenberg Redux

A voice mail and conversation with the one and onle--Lewis Greenberg.

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Late on night Matthew Kielty got a mysterious call from an unkown number...

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Christmas Bike

I can only assume Garrett was moved by the Christmas spirit when he left me this message. Or perhaps he was wasted on egg nog.

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The Dragon Does Not Wehbay!

Do you want the love of the fire? Cuz I’m not gonna wait around to give you my desire.

For some reason an ex-girlfriend of mine gave her number to a guy who called himself The Dragon. Not surprisingly he left her a string of insane voice messages. These are just a few of The Dragon’s many attempts at wooing.

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Broken Brain

These voice messages were left on my friend Danny’s phone by his dad. They are two of my all-time favorites. We’ll never know how the second message ends. The machine cut Danny’s dad off mid-message.

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