A cabinet of auditory wonders for the 21st century.
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Im performing live as a guest on Stagefright, hosted by Lolly Goodwoman at The Palms in Wonder Valley.

SatJune 20th   7-9pm followed by a 72-hour afterparty.



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Today we feature an episode of another podcast. 

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anyone else missing the rain?

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Happy 420 y'all

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An old story that aired on WWOZ in 2011.

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An iPOD voice memo recording of a tune I came up with at a piano in Newton, MA in 2012 at 11:11 AM.

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A rough draft of a story about Roosevelt High School'd 2019 Prom.

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Found Tape from the Cassette Library Album.

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The Piano Van Recordings

The Piano Van

Chris Stroffolino plays some tunes from inside the World Famous Piano Van.

This is a companion episode to a story I produced for Episode 7 of The Organist.

see the van in action at www.pianovan.com

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131 E 5th Street

Little Daddy sets the scene outside the King Eddy Saloon in Skid Row.

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That's a century in human years!

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Larry's First Beer

I was walking my dog the other night when I came across Larry Boutan sitting on a concrete wall drinking a beer. I bought some beers and joined him. This is the story of Larry’s very first beer.

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Badass Emma-This Place

I was hanging out in Cabrini Park, a dog park in the French Quarter in New Orleans when Badass Emma saw my microphone and asked me to interview her. She told me the story of how she lost her dogs in Katrina and about her job as a cook. We talked about the good old days and the future of New Orleans. This is one of several vignettes that make up a portrait of one of the baddest ass women you’ve ever met.

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Martial Law

My friend Casey was a holdout during Hurricane Katrina. He worked occasionally for a friend who owned Old Time Photo, one of those business where you take fake historical photos with your friends. On the night president Bush came to the city there was a seven-o-clock curfew. Casey was heading home at seven twenty when he had an encounter with a couple of state troopers. Casey tells the story of what happened next.

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