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Organ Donor

Mastering the art of the followup quesiton.

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Rodney And The Taggers

What keeps the taggers tickin?

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Time Machine?

An awkward moment with Jeffrey Lewis.

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I lent my friend Moose a tape recorder and he returned it with with tape full of interviews he had done with his friends. One of those interviews was with Herbie, an artist who collaborated with a couple bearded friends to make a sculpture called Re-Neavus. I cut it up and added some music by Barin Darnew.

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The Flaneur

Speed Levitch giving one of his signature wlaking tours of Columbia, Missouri.

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This Bike is a Pipe Bomb

My friend Keaton was having some trouble working on a tandem bicycle at the bike shop he works at when a customer recommended a solution he found on the internet.

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A Single Moment

Wilbert Rawlins Jr. is the band director at O Perry Walker High school in New Orleans. He runs one of the best marching bands in the state along with a concert band and a Jazz ensemble. Rawlins doesn’t just teach kids to play an instrument though, he provides discipline for a lot of kids who live in a chaotic environment. He teaches them about commitment and the benefits of hard work and education. He puts in a tremendous amount of work at O Perry Walker. When you ask him what the reward is for the countless hours he puts into teaching he says it’s a single moment that lasts for one maybe two seconds.

This is an excerpt form a story I did a few years ago which you can listen to here. Wilburt Rawlins Jr. is also featured in the book Nine Lives by Dan Baum.

Photo by:

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A deleted scene from a story I produced for Marketplace Morning Report.

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They get fucked up in strange ways in Sweden.

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The Red Line

Andy Mills had a habbit of eavesdropping on other people's conversation during his commute on Chicago's Red Line. Sometimes he would record these overheard conversations. On today's episode Andy plays one of his favorite surrpetitious recordings and tells the story of this particulalry juicy piece of Random Tape.

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