A cabinet of auditory wonders for the 21st century.

The begining of a great love story.


To hear the rest visit www.belowtheten.com

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The Death of Chicken Lips

This tape came from a thirft store in the desert. Written with purple marker on the label was "To Ray from Mike 2/3/93"

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Thanks to Steve Degroodt for sending me this recording he made of a bluegrass band playing during the 1978 earthquake in Santa Barbara.

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Found Tape from the Cassette Library Album.

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On December 22nd Hollywood Park closed after more than 75 years. This is the story of the rise and fall of one of America’s greatest horse racing tracks.

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They rarely tlak to the media.

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The Piano Van Recordings

The Piano Van

Chris Stroffolino plays some tunes from inside the World Famous Piano Van.

This is a companion episode to a story I produced for Episode 7 of The Organist.

see the van in action at www.pianovan.com

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Dec 31, 1995

Kenneth and Miriam ring in the New Year.

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Papa's Birthday

A found tape from the south by way of the desert.

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