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This poem appears in the October, 2011 issue of SOFTBLOW    

Alec Hershman lives in St. Louis where he teaches at St. Louis Community College and at the Center for Humanities at Washington University. His poems can be found in upcoming issues of Denver Quarterly, The Journal, The Burnside Review, Sycamore Review, Juked, and online at Transom, Anti-, Sixth Finch and The Fiddlehead. He is currently poetry editor for The White Whale Review.

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The Red Line

Andy Mills had a habbit of eavesdropping on other people's conversation during his commute on Chicago's Red Line. Sometimes he would record these overheard conversations. On today's episode Andy plays one of his favorite surrpetitious recordings and tells the story of this particulalry juicy piece of Random Tape.

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Train Station Thingy

I’m not exactly sure what the purpose of this device is but it makes cool sounds. It was attached to the outside of a train station in a small town in northern Italy.

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One for the Commandant

Edgar spends most of his days sitting on a five gallon bucket in downtown Seattle. One night I hung out with Edgar and his friends and recorded their arguments songs and pushup competition. This piece was the first place winner of the Big Shed Verite+1 audio competition.

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Mongolian Street Musicians

I recorded this a few years ago outside the Pompidou in Paris.

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They Were Talking

Philip Matthews is currently the Jr. Writer-in-Residence at Washington University in St. Louis. His work has appeared in Trapeze, Phati’tude, Poets for Living Waters, and Sonora Review. He is continually influenced by surreal visual and sound art, and works as a gallery assistant at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts.

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Welcoming the Water Angel

I attended a fancy party where a beautiful woman modeled a dress that was hooked up to a garden hose. The dress sent streams of water into the sky and reminded my friend of this sad tale of enema addiction.

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Jennifer Love

Today's episode of Random Tape features a song by artist Daryl Waits. You can find the track, Jennifer Love on the album Eastern Front & Digital Penetration at paradeco.com

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Badass Emma-Oh Lord
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Badass Emma-This Place

I was hanging out in Cabrini Park, a dog park in the French Quarter in New Orleans when Badass Emma saw my microphone and asked me to interview her. She told me the story of how she lost her dogs in Katrina and about her job as a cook. We talked about the good old days and the future of New Orleans. This is one of several vignettes that make up a portrait of one of the baddest ass women you’ve ever met.

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