A cabinet of auditory wonders for the 21st century.

Late on night Matthew Kielty got a mysterious call from an unkown number...

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Rodney And The Taggers

What keeps the taggers tickin?

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Stingo Bingo

We talked about it.

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Dennis's Flying Lesson

On a recent trip to central America, Dennis Conrow wrote and recorded a short story and enlisted the help of some locals in San Pedro, Guatemeala to be characters in the story. This is some raw tape and an excpert form the porject.

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English as an Unknown Language

This is what english sounds like to someone who doesn't speak it?

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When Dan Newman 's ice boat crashed through the surface of the frozen lake he had no idea he was about to do something that had never been done.

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Veritas Caput

The sound of the headwaters of the Mississippi River at Lake Itasca, Minnesota.

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Time Machine?

An awkward moment with Jeffrey Lewis.

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A Calling Card for Friendship

A collection of field recordings made around the State of Colorado between 1982 and 1987.

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I lent my friend Moose a tape recorder and he returned it with with tape full of interviews he had done with his friends. One of those interviews was with Herbie, an artist who collaborated with a couple bearded friends to make a sculpture called Re-Neavus. I cut it up and added some music by Barin Darnew.

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