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Little Daddy sets the scene outside the King Eddy Saloon in Skid Row.

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Lewis Greenberg Redux

A voice mail and conversation with the one and onle--Lewis Greenberg.

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Bible Rain

A Story by Nason Smith.

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Meet Steve Sharp. His mission: To spread love and celebrate peace every Friday from five to seven…

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Barbara & Dougie

All the answers to last weeks cliffhanger are revealed...

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The Diet

This tape was made by Paul a man in New Jersey to let his family know that he didn't want them to interfere with his plans to go on a diet he hoped would cure him of AIDS. Logan Jaffe found this tape at a yard sale in Gainesville Florida.

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Perfect Pitch

My brother-in-law Matthew has perfect pitch. So we spent a day going around the house looking for objects that make sounds and determining their pitch.

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Organ Donor

Mastering the art of the followup quesiton.

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An Autumn Adventure

A HUANTED Teddy Ruxpin Tape.

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Come On Down

This man was killed by Drew Carey! (Sort of)

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