A cabinet of auditory wonders for the 21st century.
Train Station Thingy

I’m not exactly sure what the purpose of this device is but it makes cool sounds. It was attached to the outside of a train station in a small town in northern Italy.

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Mississippi River Barge

This is the song of the barge, bobbing on the river near Hopeville.

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Clown Doll

When I was a kid I had this clown doll that would laugh when you pushed a button in its chest. It was terrifying. It's more the cackle of a chain-smoking maniac than the laughter of a clown but then again some clowns are heavy smokers.

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This is the sound of hundreds of electronic slot machines on the floor of Lumiere Casino in downtown St. Louis.

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BrailleNote Apex

This is the sound of Matthew Shifrin using his BrailleNote—a computer for the blind that pushes plastic nodes through tiny holes to display text in braille.

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Faisdodo's Stomach

I was reading in bed one night when I heard a strange sound coming from the foot of my bed...

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